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"How I worked 5X less hours
and they BEGGED me to stay"

  • "The Corporate Games has been a great read...
    Love the story telling style."
    Ralph Quintero,
    Founder of "The Great Business Project"

  • "This book had such a refreshing and authentic voice to it...These skills and ideas are something that all of us can incorporate into our lives - especially our work lives. I can't wait to read the rest of the Corporate Games Series."
    Kathleen A. Wheeler,
    Publisher of "Binder Full of Women (Billionaire Binder Series)"

  • "This book is really easy to read and yet,
    so packed with insight...I loved the book, and it left me with a desire to learn more."
    Natti Baron
    CO-founder of Syndu

  • "…It's the first time management book to admit that productivity is overrated, and will get you no-where…
    You have to understand the way the corporate thinks, the way your boss thinks, before you can expect them to let you work less hours. Wanna know how? Get the book now.
    What are you waiting for?"
    Meron Bareket,
    Founder of "Inspiring Innovation" Magazine

The Corporate Games Book

How to WIN the corporate games!

This short book was written by an EX-Israeli-Defense-Forces Captain, who had to start working only 4 hours a day instead of her usual 18 after a severe injury.

She developed a unique method that got her the "Officer Of The Year" award and got her promoted twice in a period of single year, all this while getting home by lunch EVERY DAY!

In this book you'll find:

  • Time management
  • Empowerment
  • Systemization
  • Leadership
  • Inspiration
  • An amazing life story